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8 Businesses Covid-19 Pandemic Can’t Affect

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting startups, small businesses and even some big businesses in a variety of ways. From loss of business to remote work, things are changing fast during the COVID-19 outbreak and businesses are being forced to adapt. In our previous article, we discuss some accessories to buy if you want to have a successfully running remote business. But we discover as some took up the challenge to face the fear that has grip the world and providing food in their cabinet, while others are still trying to figure out what to do.

This is a phase when so many businesses have been crippled by the self-isolation therapy we are engaged in to protect our lives. Comedy clubs, bookstores and cocktail makers are among the millions of small businesses facing a race against time in an unprecedented financial battle for survival.

“It’s not funny. You know, that needs to be clear,” said Allyson Jaffe, co-owner of DC Improv, which closed its theater and laid off nearly all of its staff this month because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. “It’s been a nightmare. The word I keep saying is ‘horrific.'”

But the sellers of some lesser-known products also seem to view the coronavirus as a unique business opportunity. These companies are pushing the idea that gadgets like air purifiers, robots, and even spit-shielding hats could be helpful in combating the virus. While some of these vendors are actively promoting the link between their products and Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, other companies say consumers are making the connection themselves and seeking out their products.

And now there is an opportunity in the air as the President of the US; President Donald Trump says he wants the nation “opened up and just raring to go by Easter” this might directly be risky and as well an opportunity for new entrepreneurs who is ready to take the risk.

Even at which, there are still some lucrative business you can start that will provide food in your pot, cash in your pocket, become a boss, and start employing people. Making them work remotely or at your business wall. we will make sure that this idea will help you out during this season and even when the pandemic is over.

When you get to #6, think very well about it

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Hand Sanitizers Production

Close up woman hands using sanitizer gel dispenser, against Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

Hand sanitizer is a liquid or gel generally used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. Formulations of the alcohol-based type are preferable to handwashing with soap and water in most situations in the healthcare setting.

Purchases of the disinfecting gel have skyrocketed in the U.S. ever since the first case of COVID-19 hit the country. During the last week of February, a period that saw the first American death from COVID-19, hand sanitizer sales in the U.S. were up by 300% compared to the same week a year earlier, according to market research from Nielsen.

The following week, the first week of March, hand sanitizer sales shot up by 470% compared to the same week a year earlier. That’s in an industry that already sees more than $200 million in annual sales of hand sanitizer products in the U.S., according to Nielsen. Not just America, but the demand for this gel is high all over the world.

making your own hand sanitizer is remarkably easy. You just have to be careful you don’t mess it up. Make sure that the tools you use for mixing are properly sanitized; otherwise, you could contaminate the whole thing. Also, the World Health Organization recommends letting your concoction sit for a minimum of 72 hours after you’re done. That way the sanitizer has time to kill any bacteria that might have been introduced during the mixing process.


Cleaning services

Woman cleaning sofa with yellow vacuum cleaner. Copy space. Cleaning service concept.

With the spread of coronavirus fears around the country, it should come as no surprise that professional cleaning services that sanitize offices, restaurants, and homes are in high demand. Cleaning companies, such as Columbus, Ohio-based Corporate Cleaning Inc., said demand has increased substantially for commercial buildings and medical facilities in light of COVID-19.

“We’ve never experienced anything like this before in our lives and especially not in our business,” said Crystal Hughey, co-owner of Corporate Cleaning told Columbus Business First. “A lot of people are counting on us being smart and keeping them safe.”’

As you venture into this business, all you need do is to make sure you are highly protected. Also, we recommend you make study your environment and look out for more packages to run if your competitors are high and if the need demands, you can hire as much as required. Just don’t let the opportunity slide.


Quality Face Mask

Pretty young female virologist or pharmacist in protective eyeglasses and whitecoat putting mask on her face before start working

All over the world, people are crafting thousands upon thousands of face masks to help shield doctors, nurses and many others from the coronavirus. They are pulling together to meet an urgent need: Hospitals, overwhelmed by the fast-spreading pandemic, are burning through their supplies of protective gear, in particular masks, at an alarming rate. Doctors and nurses are getting sick and dying. as one of the most important gear for protection is unavailable.

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The business of the mask can fall into two different categories, which is the manufacturer and the seller but If you are with the capacity of running the two then you have a lot to put into your bank account.

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Game makers and sellers

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing many people to stay at home instead of going out, small businesses that create board games and puzzles are popular since they help entertain families.

If you have the idea of making any local game or introducing a new one to the market, this is a good time for you, as families will like to be involved in entertaining activities.

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Also, game making and selling are not restricted to old-fashion in-door games alone, there are different game you could put on sales like the trending Xbox,ps4, and any other video games. In addition,  small video game makers that work on creative titles for children are seeing an uptick in demand with many kids unable to attend school.


Meal prep delivery services

Food delivery concept. Healthy eating in container or lunch box

No matter what is happening in society the stomach is never going to be left unattended to. I am a big fan of having goals. They really help you to achieve results. Whether you are trying to save money or make money, simply make healthy food or lose weight, keep in mind why you are meal prepping!  ”When our company first launched, we did almost everything manually. One thing that stands out is that we used to have our customers call us to place their order, we would then write it down to fill into a spreadsheet for our final numbers. We would then make their order, deliver it to them, and invoice them afterward. Eventually, I became aware of this and found some software that did most of this for us…” – CEO of Healthy Chew.  There is so much you could learn if you make your findings well. But meal delivery is certainly a great business to invest in at this period.

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Online Business

There are different businesses to do online even with this shut-down. It’s no longer news that the internet has gone far and there are a lot of ways to make money with it. working on the internet just requires an internet device, a connection, and space, That’s all! You can make money using Youtube, being an affiliate, teaching and so many more. check yourself as well your capability to know if this is really for you. As much as I know, this business gives

  • global access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • improved client service through greater flexibility
  • cost savings
  • faster delivery of products
  • increased professionalism
  • less paper waste
  • opportunities to manage your business from anywhere in the world.

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Customers may prefer to visit your website to find out about your products and services, instead of visiting you in person. They will also expect to see your website address and your email on business cards and other promotional materials.


Delivery services


With many consumers afraid to leave their homes or being advised by state governments to shelter in place during the coronavirus crisis, professional delivery services have stepped up to make sure goods can be delivered to homes and businesses. While nationwide food delivery services and corporate retail deliveries have been the largest beneficiary, local delivery services such as GrubSouth in Huntsville, Alabama are also seeing strong demand.

Madeline Sandlin, director of business development for GrubSouth, told WAFF 48 News that the company had recently hired 30 new drivers and added many new restaurants. They also said they are still looking for more drivers to help meet rising demand.


Landscaping and yard care companies

As more people than ever are stuck at home due to coronavirus fears, homeowners have much more time to tend to their lawns and gardens. As such, landscaping, gardening, and general yard care companies are seeing unseasonably good business.

Allwood Recyclers, small landscaping, and materials company in Fairview, Oregon, told KATU that since people have been ordered or encouraged to stay at home, demand has been constant. “It’s kind of all hands on deck right now,” Tyler Wright, yard manager at Allwood Recyclers, said. “Normally, our truck doesn’t start delivering like this until May, but it started this week and we are going from 7:30 to 4 p.m. daily. We probably have about 12 to 15 deliveries a day.” You might want to consider this opportunity.

Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions, and completing a series of legal activities. All the ideas we put together for you here have been tested for productivity, that’s why we could recommend them all to you, all you need do is:

  • Conduct market research
  • Write your business plan
  • Fund your business
  • Pick your business location
  • Choose a business structure

After doing all of these, ensure you have a legal practitioner to help you with the necessary activities to meet up with government requirements. With all these, Congratulations! It’s time to cut the big ribbon. Your business is officially open. Now, focus on managing and growing your business.


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