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CEEK 360 Wireless 4D Headphones Has The Best Experience Ever

Get ready to take your music, movies, sport, work out, gaming and VR experience to the next level with the CEEK 360 Wireless 4D Headphones.  This a luxury and a very comfortable headphone that features ultra-deep bass and earth-shaking vibrations with custom intensity. You’ll feel fully immersed in the worlds of your content like you never have before. The CEEK 4D Advanced Headphones combines haptic feedback and proprietary physics-based 3D Audio technology resulting in a degree of depth, interactivity, and rich engulfing soundscapes best for VR and AR. With haptic touch technology, you can easily change the volume settings, rewind and fast forward content, or pause and play your videos by tapping and swiping on the right ear cup. Take phone calls or use in-game chat with crystal-clear sound using the detachable microphone or built-in headphone mic.

Value Summary

  1.   Crystal clear sound allows you to make calls or use in-game chat.
  2.  It allows users to experience the best bass sound.
  3.  Perfect for concentration as it is a perfect noise-canceling headset.


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