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EXTANS Akhal Shadow and Shine Exclusive Bicycles

Trust me, you will always want to ride on this EXTANS Akhal Shadow and Shine Exclusive Bicycles. The Akhal Shadow and the Akhal Shine have elegant designs that ensure they stand out from the rest. These are bikes that will portray your taste and bring out that fashion tycoon in you. They both have monocoque carbon frames as well as CNC machined-aluminum heads. The forks, seat posts, and handlebars are all made completely out of carbon for a streamlined and effortless look. Created to embody an alluring character of stealth and prowess. These bikes are similar that the only difference between them is that the Shadow is Volcano Black with black chrome plating. The Shine, however, is Silversand White with bright chrome plating.

Value Summary

  1. An ideal product to make a bold personal statement that conveys both intrigue and elegance.
  2. Both weigh only 9.5 kilograms in total, making them easy to bring inside or upstairs.
  3. The captivating look of the Akhal Shine stands out as a unique choice.

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