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HiBed Canopy Smart Bed Makes it Easier to Wake Up

Who says the bed can be use for sleeping alone? The forthcoming Hi Smart Bed from Italian architect and designer Fabio Vinella will do a lot more than just provide a good night’s sleep. This high-tech bed comes with features ranging from floor-level night lights and an integrated reading light to a large projection screen. The Hi-Interiors HiBed Canopy Smart Bed offers so much more than just a spot to rest your head. This canopy bed can wake you up and light your path. Using below-bed lights, this smart bed will brighten the area around your feet rather than your whole room. So if you just need to use the restroom or get a late-night snack, you don’t have to wake your partner as well. Furthermore, this bed has a built-in TV making your home as smart as you want it

This product is ideal for asleep, waking up, lightning path, reading, watching TV, working. Unavailable for sale, but you can Pre-order from the official website.

Value Summary

  1.  Monitors the room temperature, air quality, and noise level.
  2. Its built-in ambient lighting can also be used as a night light, reading light, or alarm in the morning, along with a smart alarm that plays daily weather and news notifications.
  3. the bed frame has its own app, which operates the built-in 4k projector, retractable 70-inch screen, and speakers. The HiBed also tracks sleeping patterns, among other features.

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