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Milo Smart Side Table That charges any wireless smartphone

Some days back, I wondered where tech is taking us to in the next generation. until I discover there is more this generation has to offer. Take a look at this Milo Smart Side Table that make your house go wireless. This table has a Wireless charging surface (compatible with all wireless charging smartphones) along with stitched in pushbuttons for control of the premium Bluetooth speakers built-in underneath its slate grey upholstered base. On the front of the unit is four buttons allowing you to control the music playing and at the back of the unit is two USB charging points. White painted 3 solid wood stand and grey fabric side table with Bluetooth speakers and Wireless Charging gives its uniqueness in the market. Either you are in the office working, or at home reading this side table is.

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value summary

  1. 10m range Bluetooth 5.0 and AUX takes in the music melody.
  2. stylishly design to match modern homes and building
  3. it is compatible with all wireless smartphones.

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