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MONKII 360 Ball- Best Home Gym Ever

Lose weight and get stronger from the comfort of your home with the Monkii 360. The Monkii 360 fitness device is incredibly useful and saves you a lot of time. This device has all the essentials you need for an effective no bull workout. With this device, you can tap into both strength and aerobic training. This device is lightweight and does not occupy a lot of space like the traditional home workout machines, with that design,  to take it with you wherever you go is like going with a pen. All of the components required to use the Monkii 360, fit inside of the Monkii 360 itself. Plus, you can get connected with its app to have a full exercise library at your disposal.

Value Summary

  1. Monkii 360 home fitness gadget is for anybody looking for an effective change in their life.
  2. With just four minutes with the Monkii, based on the Tabata protocol, you can get a killer workout that is more effective than an hour-long run.
  3.  You can increase both the weight of the device as well as increase the resistance to the pull of the device so that you can continue getting stronger.


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