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Nubee Body Medical Infrared Thermometer Non-contact IR Thermometer Forehead

Looking for a way to monitor your health easily? Use the Nubee Body Medical Infrared thermometers that have good accuracy when measuring most objects. Without any contact with the skin to avoid the cross-infection, the NUB8380H forehead thermometer is ultra-safe to use. It is used widely on occasions such as families, hotels, libraries, enterprises and institutions, schools, shopping malls, children’s playgrounds, customs, and airports, etc and also can use in hospital for screen function. Aim to target the article with the thermometer head and press the measurement button, and let the button go and then get a single test reading (need to press the button for at least 0.8 seconds), or press the measurement button all the time for continuous testing with many reading results.

Value Summary

  1. Suitable for the airport, dock, railway, subway with huge traffic, speed up measurement, improve efficiency and reduce the risk of cross-infection.
  2. Great for the hospital with huge patients and high working intensity.
  3. Maximum of 32 testing records can be saved.

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