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OontZ Angle 3- Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sound waves are vibrations, … it’s the ability to readjust your senses so you can feel the sound. It starts with a single sound, and it worth listening to if its pleasant to the ear. The OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) – Portable Bluetooth Speaker produces a high-quality crystal clear stereo sound with a 12watts power AMP plays surprisingly loud, distortion Free even at a max volume which makes it the best for both indoor and outdoor. And with the advanced antenna design, it provides a quicker connection and greater wireless range still playing at about 100 unobstructed feet away from your device. if you are like me that loves continuos music, this speaker supports usage while charging but has a long-lasting battery playtime up to 14 hours at 2/3 volume. I love the blending of the high and low frequency of this product. YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHECK IT OUT.

Value Summary

  1. high-quality crystal clear stereo sound with perfect bass blending.
  2. Perfect speaker for beach, poolside and shower.

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