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Shipping Container Tissue Box Cover

I prefer this Maersk Shipping Container Tissue Box Cover sitting on my office table as well as in my car. This unique tissue holder is made to look just like one of those giant shipping cargo containers except that the size is not to be compared. This box cover is made of iron to make it look more original. Try getting this as a  gift for dad or any shipping yard worker and quantify the gratitude they’ll probably for it. The shipping cargo container tissue box holder comes in two different sizes to choose from depending on if you have a large or small sized tissue box and comes in a bunch of different colors to choose from. The large shipping container tissue box measures 12 inches long x 5.5 inches tall x 5 inches wide, and the smaller box measures 6.5 inches long x 5.5 inches tall x 5 inches wide.

Value Summary

  1. It is made of metal and has a spring in it to make your kleenex box easily accessible.
  2. This is also a good decorative box in your home or other places.
  3. You can even get your own custom logo screen printed onto the mini shipping container if you order 50 or more of them together.

Shipping Container Tissue Box Holder - Mini Cargo Container Kleenex Box Holder


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