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SIDETRAK Portable USB monitor

SIDETRAK Portable USB monitor

You can get your work done easier and faster with the SIDETRAK PORTABLE USB MONITOR of 12.5″ Screen size. SideTrak monitor is compatible with most Mac, Chromebook and Windows laptops. All u need is just the USB adapter to get it up and running. SideTrak remains to fasten to your laptop with device safe metal plates. It attaches onto the back of your laptop for easy set-up no matter where you are, who you are and what you do. Either for playing games, watching videos, Netflix or studying for exams and standard projects. With sideTrak dual monitor you can adjust the monitor to any angle of choice even to the person sitting next opposite you. The dual sliding track fits any size of a desktop. It is a compact, lightweight and TSA compliant.


 Value Summary

  1. Easy portability.
  2. Compact & sleek design.
  3. Compatibility with most laptops. Meanwhile, the extended tracks allow it to fit most laptops 13” – 17.5”.


sideTrak monitor


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