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The First Ever V-Shaped Bi-Copter Drone

Check out the first-ever V-SHAPED bi-copter drone with 50min fly time. The Zero Zero Robotics V-Copter Falcon Bi-Copter Drone has just two low noise propellers instead of four propellers but flies more than twice that of four propellers so you have more time to do amazing work. The V-shaped dual-rotor propulsion system is more dynamic than quadcopters of the same size under the same payload. This drone gives a crystal clear video and avoids obstacle on its own at 7m/s. sophisticated design, non-linear dynamic modeling and control mechanics enables stable flight with high agility. The V-Coptr can also take cinematic shots with its built-in flight modes, Upgraded visual tracking program allows V-Coptr Falcon to follow you accurately and stably. Slower rotation of the propellers and exclusive propeller design create lift with higher efficiency and less noise. Pre-programmed flight paths and post-editing templates help you achieve cinematic effects. This compact folding bicopter from Zero Zero Robotics is making waves in the industry as it promises to stay in the air a lot longer than its quadcopter competitors

Value Summary

  1. 7 Kilometer transmission distance.
  2. 3-axis mechanical gimbal.
  3. Auto-follow and obstacle avoidance.





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