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This Home Decor Tells You Time In Words Not In figure

Beautify your space with this decor that tells time not in figure but in word. This product is highly rated in most stores and goes with a good price ( although the price may vary, check the current price here). The time changes every 5 minutes to tell the actual time. Adding this to your office makes your space more professional and official, whereas adding it in your home gives a loving sight to every eye that goes by the way.  At first glance, it might look like a word search puzzle, but when the LED display lights up, it becomes clear that it’s not just a novel modern sculpture, but a functional clock. This clock is very easy to read as the led displays the word.

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Value Summary

  1. This replaces analog and digital clocks and also serves as interior decor.
  2. You can power it by plugging it with USB or to the wall with an adaptor.
  3. The clock is large enough to command attention but small enough to integrate into any home or office space.

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