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Time Reactor Area S4 Automatic watch

This watch has an other-worldly appearance that is sure to stand out on your wrist, according to its name.  this watch designed is based on the  “Reactor”, which is an internal setting in the flying machine UFO, that supplies the energy to the anti-gravity system. With Bob Lazar’s theories, this watch pays homage to the S4 area where it’s alleged multiple UFO(unidentified flying objects) once landed. Bob says the air around the flying machine will be illuminated into the light when it comes into contact with powerful energy, just like the bottom of the watch, at dark night, it will emit a strong light. Unlike any watch you’ve seen, the dial, which comes in four color options, is complete with orbs for notches, helping you tell the time.

Value Summary

  1. sleek design with Italian leather strap
  2.  it lights up brilliantly in the dark so you can always tell the time
  3.  Designed with  gravity generator which is responsible for flight direction




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