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Vlinsha Chackra Bracelet

Vlinsha Chackra Bracelet

Speed up your fashion ethics with Vlinsha Chakra Bracelet, this amazing bracelet looks beautiful on the wearer as the stones Diameter about 8mm, Perimeter of 7inches, Stretch design, fits most wrist sizes. Likewise, more beauty comes in as all gemstones used on this bracelet are natural (not man-made or synthetic like some others being sold). This is a very good gift item wearable to any occasion, can be presented as a gift to distance couple, gifts for teen both girls and boys on Birthday, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Thanksgiving Day, New Year, etc. this bracelet is Great for healing, yoga, praying.

Value Summary

  1. Great for healing, yoga, praying practices.
  2. One of the best gifting items.
  3. Unique Design & Risk-Free.



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